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Get Maximum Benefits After an Auto Accident

Devalue. Delay. Deny. As former insurance defense attorneys, we have the insurance companies' playbook. We know that they will do everything they can to stop you from getting the money you deserve. When you are injured and dealing with the stresses of pain, mounting medical bills, lost wages and transportation, and financial uncertainty, the idea of fighting to receive money you deserve can be overwhelming.

Have us in your corner. We'll take the gloves off and build a case the insurance company can't ignore.

The Support You Need After a Car Crash

Our lawyers understand the devastating physical, emotional and financial toll a motor vehicle accident can take on our clients. We care about our clients and pride ourselves on treating them like family. This means:

  • Your attorney will answer your questions and return your calls promptly.
  • We'll coach you through the process to obtain the medical evidence you need to build your case.
  • You won't pay us until we recover compensation for you. Even then, we'll help negotiate down certain medical bills to ensure you can put the accident behind you entirely.
Trucking Accidents

Wrecks involving tractor-trailers are different from typical car accident cases. The injuries and future treatment needed are typically much more substantial than automobile cases. Semi-truck drivers are also subject to federal regulations and therefore required to keep certain records and logs. We're prepared to handle your trucking case because:

  • We have the playbook. We are former insurance defense lawyers who represented insurers and trucking companies in truck accident litigation, giving us an edge when preparing your case.
  • We know how to force their hand. These cases require a special level of discovery (the process we use to uncover evidence). Many defendants will try to hide evidence. We know what to look for and how to insist we obtain every document that is valuable to your case. That's something only experience can teach, and we have it.
  • We sue every deep pocket we can find. Unlike car accident cases, there is often more than one party at fault in truck accident cases. For example, a trucking company may be to blame for poor hiring decisions, improper truck maintenance or inspection, failure to follow federal hours of service regulations and other serious mistakes. We will uncover log books, GPS recordings and other data that will help show who is at fault.
Drunk and Distracted Driving

If you're injured by a driver who was driving drunk or while distracted by a cell phone, you may be entitled to more money than if that driver was not drunk or distracted. But first, we have to prove the person was drunk or distracted. This can be tricky, especially if the person wasn't arrested, charged, or cited by the police. We have experience proving drivers were drunk or distracted, even when the police don't charge them.

These cases are different for a few reasons:

You can seek punitive damages. Drunk drivers may be punished with criminal charges but, even if they aren't, you may be able to get money from them to punish them. This money is called "punitive damages."
Whoever served the drunk driver may also be accountable. If a bar, restaurant, or other person served alcohol to a person who was already drunk, then let that person drive, we may be able to hold that establishment or person responsible in addition to the drunk driver's insurance company.

Building Your Case

Many attorneys will try to settle your case as it is when you hire that firm. Not Lawson & Reid. We work with you to ensure you get all the medical treatment you need and know your future treatment plan. We will help you get all the medical evidence you need, including doctors' opinions, to force the insurance company to pay up. Once we get your case to its maximum value, we demand settlement. If the insurer won't pay a fair value, we take it to court.

What's Next?

Seeing a doctor and telling him or her about each and every symptom you think was caused by the wreck is the very first step. Get your future treatment plan and work restrictions in writing. Keep a record of all expenses you pay, including doctor's appointment, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, and mileage, all time you miss from work, and any other expense caused by the wreck. Also keep the police report and take the names and contact information of any witnesses to the collision.

Then call us for a free consultation at our Cordele law office.

One More Benefit: Free Consultations

There is no risk to working with our lawyers — or even just meeting with us to learn more about your case and what we can do for you. Schedule a free consultation at our Cordele law office.