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  • Personal Injury

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Bringing a Claim Against a Property Owner

If you were injured on or by someone else's property and have lost wages or faced significant medical bills as a result, you can bring what is called a premises liability claim. Similar to other personal injury lawsuits, this is a claim against a landlord, business, or property owner and its insurance company. Like a car accident claim, you may be able to recover money for medical bills, future medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

Many people think of premises liability claims as slip-and-falls. Although slip-and-fall is a type of premises liability claim, there are many more. We have successfully represented clients injured in a variety of premises liability claims, including accidents involving:

  • Uneven sidewalks or pavement on private or public property;
  • Inadequate lighting inside and outside;
  • Crumbling ceilings or falling objects;
  • Wet or slippery floors or items that cause falls or trips;
  • Unsafe stairs or loose handrails;
  • Poorly maintained parking lots;
  • Dog bites;
  • Drownings or injuries to children; and
  • Assaults or batteries on unsafe properties.
Protecting Your Right to Compensation

Premises liability claims can be tricky, as they require proving that a landowner failed to exercise reasonable care. What is "reasonable" depends on your relationship to the owner of the property. Further, whether a person is reasonable or not depends on things that have happened in the past, such as prior injuries on the property. You may also be denied benefits if the property owner can prove that you could have avoided your injuries.

While your slip-and-fall or other premises liability claim may seem clear-cut, do not try to handle these cases on your own. The insurance company will have experienced lawyers on their side and so should you.

We offer free consultations at our Cordele office where we will help you determine whether you have a claim and decide upon next steps.

One More Benefit: Free Consultations

There is no risk to working with our lawyers — or even just meeting with us to learn more about your case and what we can do for you. Schedule a free consultation at our Cordele law office.